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Etched Amber Glass
Table Lamp (53247)

Etched Amber Glass Table Lamp

Fillable Glass Cylinder
Table Lamp (53187)

Fillable Glass Table Lamp

Macintosh Art Glass
Table Lamp (01949)

Macintosh Art Glass Shade Table Lamp

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Glass is an inactive material that can be formed into smooth and impervious surfaces. Under tension, glass is weak and will break into sharp segments. Under compression, glass can withstand a tremendous amount of force. The properties of glass can be altered with the addition of compounds or heat treatment. The color of natural glass is green to bluish green. This color is caused by iron impurities in the sand. Common glass today usually has a slight green or blue tint, arising from these impurities. Glassmakers make colored glass by adding metallic compounds to produce brilliant shades of red, green, and blue - the colors of gemstones.