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Arts and Crafts Iron Base
Table Lamp (84140)

Iron Glass Table Lamp

Aztec Wood Column
Iron Table Lamp (74777)

Aztec Wood Column Iron Table Lamp

Brentwood™ Collection Bronze
Iron Table Lamp (11678)

Brentwood Collection Bronze Iron Table Lamp

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Iron is the 6th most abundant known element in the universe. The concentration of iron in the structure of the Earth is probably greater than 80% in spots, perhaps even a nearly pure iron crystal at the inner core. Iron is the most abundant element by mass of our planet, making up 35% of the mass of planet Earth as a whole. Iron is a metal extracted from iron ore, and almost never found in the free elemental state. Iron is a necessary trace element used by all known living organisms. Iron-containing enzymes, usually containing heme prosthetic groups, participate in catalysis of oxidation reactions in biology, and in transport of a number of soluble gases.