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Maeve Modern Kitchen 6-Speed Indoor Fan Chandelier


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Product description

  • About the 42" Fan. a versatile and powerful addition to your space. With its 6-speed settings. you can easily adjust the airflow to your liking. whether you need a gentle breeze or a stronger gust. The reverse function allows you to optimize air circulation during different seasons. keeping you comfortable year-round.

    Experience the soothing effects of the Natural Wind Mode. designed to mimic the gentle breeze of nature. This feature brings a refreshing and relaxing ambiance to any room. enhancing your comfort and well-being.

    Powered by a 30W Variable Frequency Motor. this fan ensures efficient and reliable performance while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy cool and comfortable air without worrying about excessive energy costs.

    The RGB+LED technology takes your fan to the next level. With the convenience of APP control. you can effortlessly adjust the lighting to suit your mood or preferences. Dim the lights for a cozy atmosphere or choose from a wide spectrum of 128 colors to create a vibrant and dynamic space. The timer function allows you to schedule the fan and lights to automatically turn on or off. adding convenience to your daily routine.

    Installation is a breeze with the controller-free design. No need to worry about additional equipment or complicated setups. Simply install the LED module. and you're ready to enjoy the full functionality of this fan.

    With its powerful LED lights. this fan provides bright and efficient illumination with a power output of 72W. Enjoy well-lit spaces without compromising on energy efficiency.

    Upgrade your space with the 42" Fan. combining superior performance. customizable lighting. and effortless control. Embrace the convenience of APP control. the versatility of RGB+LED technology. and the comfort of natural wind mode. Experience a new level of comfort and style with this exceptional ceiling fan.


  • Fan: 1-6 speed settings. forward and reverse rotation.Natural wind mode. 30W power (inverter motor)RGB+
  • LED: APP-controlled dimming. color temperature adjustmentthree-color light changing. RGB 128 colors.Timer mode.(Controller installation-free) LED 72W

Warranty:2 year

Purpose:Hotel. Restaurant. Dining room. Bedroom. Living room

Note:chandeliers weighing more than 50 lbs. cannot be mounted alone to a standard outlet box and require additional bracing above the ceiling where they are to be installed. Professional installation is required.

please note that this lamp requires self-assembly.

Usage:used for dining room. living room. bedroom . hallway. hotel. etc

Customized:You can easily customize the size. finish color. number of light sources. hanging wire length. etc. Simplify the customization process and communicate directly with designers online.We have professional suppliers to produce high-quality lighting products. Products are sold in North America with the highest quality standard. We offer customization services as well. if you have any questions or did not find the exact product that you are looking for. pleasefeel free tocontact

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